Omega Autocare Reviews: Drivers’ Experiences with Vehicle Breakdowns

Omega Autocare Reviews shares some of the most common reasons why cars break down, and a few drivers’ experiences regarding these. This page aims to educate car owners about factors that could cause a vehicle to malfunction so drivers can take the necessary precautionary measures to reduce the risks of car troubles.

You’ve been planning for your brief getaway for months. You’ve taken a leave of absence from work, packed your bags, and you’re raring to go. But on the day you’re about to leave, you see that little light flashing on your dashboard alerting you to check your engine. There goes your holiday.

This scenario is quite common. You’re late for work and your car just won’t start. Or you’re in the middle of nowhere, miles away from home, and your car just dies on you. What gives? There are various reasons why such things occur, but one thing is certain; a car break down can disrupt your routine and cost you a ton of money.

3 Common Reasons for Car Breakdowns

When your car suddenly stops or refuses you start, you might regret not signing up for the service repair contract offered to you in the past. With a service contract that could cover your repairs or replacement parts, you won’t have to worry about shelling out a ton of money. You also would have been able to call for immediate roadside assistance and be given a loaner vehicle while your car is being repaired. If you want to avoid getting stuck in difficult car breakdown situations, we here at Omega Autocare Reviews strongly advise you to get a vehicle service repair contract so you’ve got coverage for repairs.

When your car breaks down, it could be for any of the following reasons:

1.Battery failure. You may have a dead or faulty battery. This usually happens when the battery has a bad/faulty cell, the battery terminals have been damaged by corrosion, or the battery is old. In some instances, the alternator is the faulty component. When the alternator fails to charge your battery, the car won’t start.

2. Electrical systems/components failure. Modern vehicles rely on electrical systems for a lot of their functions, and a considerable percentage of breakdowns are caused by electrical faults. There are no warning signs for electrical failures, and you only get to know of the issues once your car breaks down. When an electrical fault causes your car to break down, there is little you can do except to call for roadside assistance.

3. Flat tire. A flat tire accounts for 10% of car problems out on the road. This could be caused by tread wear, under inflation, or debris caught by the tire (nails, screws or other sharp objects). This is why it’s never a good idea to take your car anywhere without an inflated spare tire.

Have you experienced getting stranded on the road because of a car breakdown? We invite you to share your experience with Omega Autocare Reviews. You may reach us for comments directly through this site.