Omega Auto Care Reviews: Service Repair Contract for Your Car’s A/C System

Omega Auto Care Reviews: “Omega was quick to get my car’s A/C fixed, without any questions they did exactly what their policy said they would. I would recommend Omega to anyone looking to get great coverage. They were very professional in working with my mechanic.” -Stephane Nicholas, satisfied Omega Auto Care customer

Due to the technical nature of automotive repairs, some car owners may not realize that something is amiss with their vehicles until the suspected damage is already blatantly obvious. One problem that may be easily noticeable among car owners is issues with the air conditioning system.

You may be familiar with the following scenario: you turn on the air conditioning, and hot air comes out at first, or worse, is the only thing that comes out at all. This may not matter as much during the colder months, but once the warmer months kick in, you may find yourself needing A/C repair services ASAP.

So what causes problems in a car’s air conditioning system? For one, there may be leaks and cracks in the A/C system which should be visible to the eye. A quick inspection can diagnose such leaks. Other parts to check are the compressor and cooling fans, or whether the air conditioning system is low on refrigerant.

A compressor that is not engaging may either indicate it is broken, which will likely need a replacement, or the A/C refrigerant needs a refill. Another plausible issue is faulty electrical wiring that connects the compressor. Whichever may be the case for your vehicle, an A/C system that is not working properly can be a source of headaches.

Omega Auto Care is one of the leading vehicle repair service providers, covering A/C systems and other car parts. Not only we’ll we have your vehicle fixed in the soonest possible time, but we also offer a number of benefits to the delight of our customers. We offer Roadside Assistance with reimbursements up to $100 per occurrence for your protection, Road Hazard Coverage for vehicle tires, and Rental Car Reimbursement for up to $30 a day.

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