Omega Autocare Reviews: Transmission Maintenance

Omega Auto Care Reviews: “The experience was good, I’m happy that Omega paid my claim for my transmission and air conditioning costing over $5000 dollars. I would recommend this to any person who is interested in purchasing coverage.” -Staci Reynolds, satisfied Omega Auto Care customer

Among all the systems and components of a vehicle, the transmission is generally more prone to damage due to wear and tear, being exposed to constant heat and friction from other moving parts. As the mechanical system responsible for controlling the amount of power that goes into the driveshaft and wheels from the engine, the transmission plays a crucial role in enabling a vehicle to function properly. This is why maintenance and regular inspections of the transmission are a must.

For vehicle owners who are not too knowledgeable about proper car maintenance, one indicator that they can rely on to clue them in on possible transmission problems is sound, such as when they hear unusual noises like whining and buzzing, for example. Another reliable indicator is when they encounter trouble shifting gears, which could mean something is wrong in the computer system or the vehicle’s transmission fluid levels.

As vehicles are designed to run smoothly in the first place, any jerks and suspicious abruptions need to get checked by a licensed mechanic as soon as possible. Fortunately for owners, newer models of vehicles are now outfitted with more sophisticated technologies, which mean greater reliability. The engine light, for instance, is more sensitive in picking up unusual vibrations, so owners can act sooner rather than later.

We at Omega Auto Care have been speedy in helping our policy owners get their vehicles checked, including transmission problems. In fact, many of our customers have saved thousands of dollars because they did not have to shell out money to get a new transmission. Like them, you can also be proactive in getting your cars adequate coverage, protecting not only your vehicle but savings as well.

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